CurQLife® with Curcumin


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Don’t allow pain and inflammation effect your quality of life. Clinically Tested and Patented CurQLife®, reduces whole body inflammation helping to support joint comfort, mobility and flexibility so you can get back to your day .

ONLY 1 CurQLife® with Curcumin softgel is equal to 10 of the leading curcumin turmeric capsule products. This means more absorption of curcumin turmeric than other products, leading to increased joint support, and improved cartilage formation. All in one small easy to swallow softgel.

Top Reasons to Supplement with CurQLife®
  • Pain reduction in as little as 7 days*
  • Up to 94% reduction in pain** and inflammation**
  • Up to 110.5% reduction in knee stiffness**
  • Up to 85.42% improved physical function**
  • 48x more curcumin bioavailability than the leading product
  • Highest concentration of curcumin on the market***
  • 20x more free curcumin than standard turmeric
  • 100% drug free
  • Clinically tested and patented

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