Pure Whey Isolate Protein Powder


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When you set out to build lean muscle, nothing comes close to EC Sports pure Whey Isolate Protein Powder. Each scoop delivers 24g of fast-acting and fast-absorbing protein from whey isolate and BCAAs, making it the perfect post-workout protein solution. Formulates with our  premium enzyme blend which breaks down (hydrolyzes) whey protein into smaller particles for enhanced digestion and absorption. Fuel your recovery and growth with EC Sports clean and tested Whey Protein.

Top Reasons to Supplement with Whey Isolate

    We have created an enzyme blend that will help breakdown the protein making it easier for your body to digest the protein and alleviate bloating and gas. The large proteins are broken down into amino acid chains and then into amino acids that can readily be used for muscle repair and development.


    Finally, we have 6.5 grams of BCAAS. Branched Chain Amino Acids stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which allows you to build muscle faster and more effectively while being less sore in the process.

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